How Long Does it Take to Learn Java?

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You decided to start learning Java and wondering how much time you will need. Then, this article is for you. Not only we will look at the time needed to learn Java, but I will also give you tips on how to start.

Learning time depends on different factors. You will learn much faster if you know any other programming language. But, if you are a complete beginner, then it might take quite a long time.

So, in this article we will look at

Why learn Java?

First, you should have a clear goal what is your purpose of learning Java.

If you have experience with other programming languages and want to enhance your skills in Java too, then why not? Not only will you study a new programming language, but you will also get a chance to apply for new roles.

Java is a well-paid language, and Java developers are usually paid high salaries. So, another reason could be that you need to be paid better.

In addition to the purpose of learning, you also should have a passion. Studying a new programming language isn’t an easy task to complete. It requires time and effort, so without passion and motivation, you better think twice before committing yourself to the study process.

So, if you’re still here, I’m sure you have the right motivation and goal to study.

Now, let’s understand what efforts you will need to put.

How long does it take to learn Java for beginners

If you have some experience with other programming languages, then you might want to skip this part and jump to the next paragraph.

For complete beginners with no programming experience, it might take 6-12 months to learn Java, and start applying for jobs.

I saw many agencies claim that they can teach Java in 2 – 8 weeks, and people will be ready to apply for jobs. My advice is to avoid such courses and companies. They simply want to take your money. They might teach you something, but you will definitely not be able to land a job with that skillset. Learning java takes time and effort.

The duration of your study mainly depends on the time you’re ready to spend each day. Consider that you will need to spend a minimum of 4 hours a day, to achieve good results. If you can’t put 4 hours a day aside for Java, then you better reconsider learning Java.

So, if you have the right attitude to learn Java, then, keep in mind, that you will need 6-12 months to get the basic knowledge about Java, and start applying for jobs.

In this article, I’ll give you some insights on how to start your study process, and how to succeed.

How long does it take to learn Java with experience in programming

Someone with programming experience can learn Java much faster. Depending on your experience with programming, the duration of learning might vary from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Java solves similar problems which do Python, JavaScript, or C#, so knowing any of these languages will make the learning process faster.

Java syntax is different from the syntax of the above-mentioned programming languages. But, if you know another programming language, then you’re familiar with the concepts of coding, OOP, and other stuff needed for coding. These concepts are very similar in all programming languages.

So, if you are an experienced developer in another language than consider spending 2-12 weeks to learn Java, and start your process of mastering it.

How to start learning Java

Well, to start learning Java, first you need motivation. I’m sure you have it that’s why you reached this point in this article. So, you’re ready to take the challenge and become a Java guru.

Other than motivation, you also need a few things such as computer. Without a computer you can’t learn Java.

So, if you got the right attitude and equipment, you’re ready to go.

The first thing to do is download and set up Java on your local machine. Once you have done it, you should download a tool on which you will code. I’d recommend going with Eclipse or IntelliJ Idea.

After downloading these tools, you’re ready to start the learning process.

What is the best way to learn Java?

Well, you might ask what is the best way to learn Java. I’m sure you don’t want to spend your time on unnecessary tasks, and you want to utilize your time as efficiently as possible.

My advice would be to start from basics, and writing console applications in the first 1-2 weeks. Then you might need to write rest APIs using advanced libraries such as spring.

So, what you need to get your way:

  1. Setting up a Java environment on your local machine
  2. Downloading your preferred tool for coding. My recommendation is Intellij or Eclipse.
  3. Writing the first Hello World application.
  4. Starting an online course to guide you through.

While the first three points seem obvious, an online course might get tricky when it comes to finding the right resource.

A good designed online course will guide you through setting up your environment, and other stuff to get started.

Keep in mind, that only one course is not sufficient to know Java. You should experiment and master your skills. A course can guide you through the basics and how to complete simple tasks. But, to become a successful Java engineer you have to search much stuff by yourself and get things done.

So, the next step is what resources to use to learn Java. I’ll help you to find the right resources, and get started along the way.

What resources to use during your study?

The first thing to do is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. We provide insights to motivate you, as well as code samples to help you along the way.

Other than that, you need proper guidance to study. You can take advantage of Plural Sight courses. It has lots of materials to guide and help you along the way. The monthly subscription is $26, so it is not much expensive.

Other than that, you can use Udemy courses. This course could be good for many people, but it’s quite expensive. You can also search for cheaper courses in Udemy.

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    Useful advices.
    although I’m in the second year as studying IT, Java isn’t easy as people expect it, it’s needs alot of effort to reach out the goal to be a pro.

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